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About Denise Peyre

Born and raised in the LA area, and after a decade in NYC, my husband and I moved to the Pasadena area specifically to have a baby. Our first son was born in August, 2016 and it turned out that despite all the books, internet research and newborn classes, we had no idea what we were in for! This little 8 pound creature turned our world upside down and we questioned everything we ever knew. Although it was an exciting and celebratory time in our lives, it was also one of the most turbulent, chaotic times we ever experienced. This is why I became a doula. So that women have the opportunity to truly enjoy these precious postpartum weeks and also have a non-bias advocate who can help with feeding/breastfeeding support, soothing techniques, sleep support, household organization, and maybe some well-deserved one-on-one yoga. It is my PASSION. Because Moms deserve it.